Saturday, June 30, 2007

Youngstown Film

I recently found this site and event. I'm very excited about films being run in Youngstown. Check it out, and support the local arts.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Beginning

I decided to start this blog through the coaxing of many at I am passionate about the city of Youngstown, and in seeing it revitalized.

I am currently a student at YSU (from Poland, Ohio originally), and will be starting grad school in the fall 2007. I will be moving into an apartment soon, on the North side.

This is where my initial motivation came for starting this blog. Every time I told someone where I was moving to (an apartment on Bryson Street) the response was "That's a bad area, It's the ghetto, you don't want to live there!".

I, however do not agree. I am excited to live in the city, and to be able to experience all the great nightlife and entertainment available.

And so, that is what this blog will be. My account of getting an apartment, moving in, and experiencing Youngstown and all it has to offer.

Now, to the title of the blog. It is, of course, about my "tales" of the expereinces I've had on the North side, but it's also a vague reference to Gary Larson's Far Side comics.

And so, in tribute, here is one of my favorite Far Side comics: