Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Good news and the Bad News

I was reading the various news sites and blogs this morning, and came across a few good and one bad story.

The bad: Jason Logero announced officially that the Bean Counter has closed, but temporarily. Apparently the closure stems from a dispute with the owner of the Realty building, where The Bean Counter was located.

This is disappointing news, however, I am sure that Mr. Logero will find another location in downtown within the next year.

The good: The Rosetta Stone Cafe will be opening soon (I assume sometime in the new year, but perhaps sooner). RSC will include breakfast, lunch and dinner fare as well as an on-premise bakery.

The Vindicator ran a story about how much positive development is happenign in the city.

The former John R. Davis building (next to the Daught House) is in the process of rennovation as the headquarters for Ronald C. Faniro Architects Inc. In addition, construction of the Taft Technology Center is under way.

Plans are also in the works to demolish the Armed Forces and State Theater buildings, and to rennovate the Semple Building right next to the Home Savings and Loan Building as an additiona tech-based business building.

With all this good news downtown it's hard to believe that only a week ago the Vindy ran an article about Kelly Pavlik, and how that's one of the only good news stories comming out of the Valley!

Defend Youngstown wrote a fantastic editorial about all the good in the city, so I won't repeat his comments (link to the post is above).

I will, however, relate to you part of a conversation I had with a friend of mine about the city. We were disuccing the state of Youngstown, how it used to be when our parents were growing up etc. My friend commented about the Youngstown vs. Boardman debate, and how he genuinely never wants to go to Boardman.

"I go there because I have to, because that's where the retail is. I go to Youngstown because I want to. There's so much to do in the city, compared to Boardman."

These comments are so very true! Youngstown has so much to offer its citizens that the suburbs simply do not have. As soon as people realize that, that the Boardman is not the Mecca of the Mahoning Valley, we will all be able to move on.

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