Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NPR and Youngstown

Yes I know NPR has done a story about Youngstown, the 2010 plan etc, but I'm not going to post the link to the feed, mostly because everyone else within the Y-town blog community has it posted.

I will, however, applaud NPR for its even-handed approach to our city. They did, of course, mention our Rust Belt image, but emphasized the fact that the city plan we have is very unique. The plan will not be seen in its full fruition for many more years, perhaps not within my own lifetime, but the 2010 plan is laying the groundwork for future generations.

So many in the community have blasted Jay Williams for his ineffectiveness in fighting crime, in lack of jobs in the area etc. I would contend, however, that Mayor McKelvey and other administrations had virtually no plan for the city, at least not one like 2010.

In the end, will 2010 work? It will only work if we give it a chance.


The Stage said...

nice blog. hope you're enjoying ytown.

stop by the stage this saturday if you get a chance. 7-10 pm, lots of cool performances you can only catch at the oakland. definitely worth the 5 dollar price of admission! plus, free food! :)

-- brooke


Good post - agree that Youngstown 2010 is in a "seed planting" phase, the fruits of which we will begin to enjoy in perhaps 10yrs or so from now. It is incremental yet measurable progress, to borrow a phrase from the mayor. In the meantime, we fight for the city and take pleasure in doing so. Beautiful battle we have here. Have to be crazy, boring or dead not to realize it. DEFEND!

Mike Prelee said...

The criticism of Mayor Williams has been heavy, with some deserved and some not. I give him full credit for being innovative in his approach to government, however. His administration is progressive in its approach and is an improvement over the last thirty years.

The important thing is to keep the momentum going.